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Daring orientation

This site, located at the edge of the village, presented a natural canvas for three unique dwellings that would have striking views towards the beautiful surrounding landscape. Each dwelling was bespoke designed in response to the irregular rural grain of the nearby village. Despite their uniqueness, all three dwellings convey visual seams unifying the project with the same geometric language and a shared material palette.

Planning and Building Control approval was successfully received and the dwellings are now under construction.


The design principles were based on the contemporary interpretation of the Lincolnshire vernacular house typology, with simple rectangular volumes and distinctive gable roofs.

These main volumes alternate perpendicular and parallel orientation towards the main road, contributing to the spacial irregularity sought for the site. Undulating directional roofs are proposed as subservient spaces to the main volumes, reflecting the rolling nature of the surrounding landscapes.

Generous green corridors are drawn between the houses, encouraging the rural landscape to permeate through the site.



maximised winter solar gains



minimised winter heat losses

The site benefits from an optimum orientation. The main access road runs parallel to the northern boundary of the site, which allows for larger openings to be positioned towards the south. This maximizes the amount of winter sunlight that can be gained and offers stunning views of the valley. In addition to these benefits, positioning the main living areas away from the road and facing towards the open countryside provides added privacy. Smaller openings on the northern facades help to reduce heat loss during winter and minimize noise levels from the road. To further improve noise reduction and privacy, garages, bathrooms, and utility rooms have been grouped on the northern half of each dwelling, acting as a buffer between the living spaces and the road.


Lincolnshire, UK


260 m2 / 270 m2 / 358 m2





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