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Celebrating a bold vernacular

This agricultural land has been in the client's family for many years. The family home proposed here is envisaged as a multigenerational dwelling that responds to the family's current lifestyle. Wishing to stay connected to the village where the rest of the family resides and where the children attend school, our clients decided to embark on a journey of designing their dream home; one that responds to contemporary living requirements whilst being respectful of the site's context and natural environment.


The architectural design emerged from the concept of a C-shape farm crewyard, which is ubiquitous in the area and resonates with the agricultural nature of the location.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 16.36.21.png
plan and elevations.jpg

The house is designed as a highly efficient structure, containing internal facilities that can be reconfigured in time to adapt to evolving family needs. The internal floor layout is fluid and flexible through the use of multiple sliding doors and non-load-bearing partitions that can be easily re-positioned when required.

The kitchen is placed at the heart of the house, strategically performing as the core of the home, with large openings that encourage the countryside to permeate through. The central courtyard is the connecting element between different areas of the house, creating a link between the house and the planned woodland beyond.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 16.37.03.png

The family are keen gardeners and wish to have a positive impact on the land and its surroundings, through the use of sustainable building materials and by growing their own food, promoting biodiversity on the site, and creating new habitats for local wildlife. The landscape proposal aims to protect and enhance the biodiversity value of the land and maximise the opportunities for connection between natural habitats. The landscape masterplan contributes to the overall design ethos of a productive and functional site, derived from the traditional farmstead that incorporates an orchard, fruit and vegetable gardens, and a pond.


Lincolnshire, UK


335 m2





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